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Welcome to Antwerp

The Welcome to Antwerp App is implemented by Atlas Antwerpen – an integration and civic integration centre that provides information and support to organisations and newcomers with a non-Dutch mother tongue, the City of Antwerp and Digipolis Antwerp – an organisation assisting policy makers in Antwerp (and Ghent), specialised in ICT. The app is designed to combat the digital divide for newcomers with a different native language, low skilled people or people without digital skills. They need to contact and interact with many organisations, services (online and offline) when they arrive while access is often difficult. The app provides an alternative to a static document with useful addresses on paper, it offers customised and up to date information, it is available in Dutch and can be installed on a smartphone or tablet.

The application  provides the newcomer with personally relevant useful addresses of organisations and services in Antwerp, based on the address of the user or his/her current location, saved on their phone. It shows the organisations with an address and a map including one’s current location and home address. It  gives information and pictures of items that people should bring to the location – from pictures of ID cards, driving licenses and tax papers, to pictures of swimming gear and coins one should bring to make use of the local swimming pool.

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