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RACCOMBAT training in Greece

The RACCOMBAT workshop in Greece on combating racism and xenophobia through social orientation practices took place in Athens on 28 March 2019. The aim of the workshop was to present the guidelines drafted under the project, to discuss identified good practices within the national context and  national level solutions. The workshop discussed what social orientation really means and identified as main pillars the development of language skills, systematic information on rights and obligations (human rights, access to public services, political rights and obligations), enhancing autonomy through training on how different public procedures work, supporting access to the labor market and supporting participation in social and cultural events. Emphasis was placed on the presentation of three best practices. Bread making for Inclusion from Bulgaria, Welcome to Antwerp from Belgium and Weichenstellwerk from Austria. The main proposals the event put forth included synergies for future initiatives, interaction of communities and their networks in the consultation process foridentification of needs and putting forth concrete proposals.

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