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InLT – Lithuania

The Refugee and Migrant Integration Centre InLT is situated in Kaunas and is implemented by the Lithuanian Red Cross Society. A Refugee Day Centre in Kaunas was established already in 2004 with an aim to facilitate integration of beneficiaries of international protection. However, as the number of other country nationals arriving in Lithuania has increased, in 2016 the centre expanded its activities to also include third country nationals and thus provide a broader and comprehensive integration support.

The centre provides consultations for beneficiaries of international protection and third country nationals to address cultural differences of living in Lithuania, improve their social and economic self-dependence, develop personal and professional competencies and create inter-cultural dialogue between host community and newcomers. As a part of several projects, the centre offers (1) social and legal consultations, (2) psychological assistance, (3) vocational guidance (e.g. skill recognition), (4) language courses, (5) civic orientation courses, (6) seminars about raising personal competences, as well as (7) cultural festivals and events.

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