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Austria Map

Mapping social orientation in Austria

In the autumn of 2015, as a result of the refugee flows, the Austrian Parliament decided to establish value and orientation courses for refugees and subsidiary protection status holders and to offer them via the ÖIF (Austrian Integration Fund). The…

Greece Map

Mapping social orientation in Greece

As from  2015, Greece experienced an unprecedented influx of migrants and refugees. Until March 2016, Greece being a transit country rather than destination country, its main policy investments focused on reception rather than integration measures. The closure of the border…

Belgium Map

Mapping social orientation in Belgium

In the federal state of Belgium, where a number of policy domains are legislated by the regions or communities, integration and civic integration policies are characterised by fragmentation. Policies in (Dutch-speaking) Flanders, (French-speaking) Wallonia and (bilingual) Brussels differ - Flanders and…

Bulgaria Map

Mapping social orientation in Bulgaria

Apart from providing information to asylum seekers about their rights and obligations within the international protection application procedure, Bulgaria offers no obligatory social orientation courses or modules to non-nationals. Contributions are scattered among various guides rather directed towards integration professionals…

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