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Analysing social orientation in Romania

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In terms of potential of social orientation courses/modules in Romania to install culture of respect to law, zero tolerance to racism and xenophobia and lead to empowerment against such acts, there are textbooks and workbooks being designed, according to age and education levels, which include a diverse content of supporting images, to increase the understanding rate. The core goals of studying the Romanian language by foreigners and of performing cultural orientation and counselling activities consist of developing basic oral and written communication skills, getting foreigners familiar to the main elements of culture and civilisation specific for the host country, and motivating them to get integrated in the new lifestyle, including a large range of activities in different fields, such as education, social responsibility, sustainable economy and social inclusion measures, active involvement in the society, and exercising one’s fundamental freedoms.In this respect, it is absolutely necessary to take into account the specific context in which the teaching/learning activities are carried out and the learners’ psychological and teaching profile.

Report: Analysing social orientation in Romania (in English)

Report: Analysing social orientation in Romania (in Romanian)

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