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MORE ABOUT University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking university. It integrates the assets of its historic roots with its ambition to contribute positively to society. The University of Antwerp develops, provides access to and disseminates scientific knowledge through research, teaching and service to society. It carries out these tasks in a spirit of academic freedom and responsibility. As an actively pluralistic institution, the University of Antwerp wishes to be a stimulating environment for all of its members – both students and personnel. The assets and challenges which are typical of Antwerp’s diverse population are an additional incentive to focus on equal opportunities. The University goes about doing this by raising awareness, introducing policy measures and taking on specific projects.

The research team of RACCOMBAT is vested in the Faculty of Law and the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS). CeMIS is an interdisciplinary research centre that has received national and international praise for its work. The centre conducts research as well as provides education and other academic services relating to migration, integration and intercultural themes in various social fields, including education, the labour market, welfare, family, health and law. Collaborating with civil society, policymakers and other academic partners, the research centre addresses the challenges arising from migration and intercultural life in today’s society. CeMIS wants to provide an open and pluralistic research platform that fosters collaboration between society and academia.



Dirk Vanheule

Dirk Vanheule holds law degrees of the University of Ghent (Master of Laws 1989), Toronto (LL.M. 1991) and Antwerp (Dr. iur. 2001). He is professor of public law and serves as dean (since 2012) of the Faculty of Law  at the University of Antwerp. He is chairperson of the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS) at the University of Antwerp.

His teaching and research interests include constitutional law, public procedural law and migration and asylum law. He is editor of the Belgian Journal for Migration Law (Tijdschrift voor Vreemdelingenrecht). He is also member of the Ghent Bar.


Sanne van de Pol

Sanne van de Pol holds a Bachelor degree of the University College Utrecht (2007). In 2006, she participated in the European Erasmus Programme at Université de Strasbourg – Marc Bloch. In 2009 she graduated from Université de Paris 7 –Diderot with a Master’s degree in Anthropology and Sociology of Migration and Interethnic relations.

She previously worked as a teacher and researcher at the THEMIS project at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands and as a researcher at the Policy Research Centre for Integration at the University of Antwerp. She currently works at CeMIS as a researcher on the EC-funded RACCOMBAT project and is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law at the University of Antwerp. Her research interests lie in the field of migration, integration, fundamental rights and freedoms and diversity.

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