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My place – Romania

In Bucharest, JRS Romania has implemented  My Place – a multifunctional cultural centre serving as a bridge for integrating third country nationals in Romania. The idea behind this initiative was to create a multifunctional centre that can bring together TCNs, people with a form of protection, and host community representatives through educational, socio-cultural and recreational activities. The main objective of the project was to support TCN communities to integrate into the host society, and to contribute to the development of a more open, more accountable and more informed society designed to facilitate the bidirectional integration of TCN and increasing the socio-cultural cohesion.

The multifunctional cultural centre serves as the core of the social, educational, cultural and recreational activities designed for TCNs, aiming to facilitate a suitable environment meant to assist the (multicultural and intercultural) activities of  the TCN  through their direct support and involvement.

The project promotes the Centre to be a place to conduct three main categories of activities: socio-educational, socio-cultural and recreational, for children, youth and adults, including vulnerable persons.

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