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miHUB – Cyprus

Migrant Information Centres (MIC) – miHUB – have been implemented and supported by University of Nicosia, Cyprus University of Technology and CARDET. The aim of the project is the provision of information and psychosocial services to migrants that reside in Cyprus, in order to achieve their social inclusion in the local society. Four main centres have been setup and operate in Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos to provide informational services on migrants’ rights and obligations, translation and interpretation services, job and accommodation assistance, opportunities for learning courses and referrals to other organisations. Furthermore, they inform the local population about asylum and migration, procedures and integration processes and the benefits of multi-culturalism on the island.

The provision of services is implemented under a range of different methodologies such as: social and psychological support and use of technological advancement, direct and indirect communication with governmental and other services. The Centres’ working hours are from 10:00 until 18:00 and on Sunday from 10:00 until 17:00. The centres’ personnel work with individuals, families and community groups to identify their needs and provide information on a range of options available to them.

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