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Mapping social orientation in Latvia

Latvia Map

Social orientation activities in Latvia are provided in the framework of societal integration policy according to Guidelines on National Identity, Civil Society and Integration Policy for 2012-2018. The main coordinating institution is the Ministry of Culture. Target groups for societal integration activities so far have been third country nationals and beneficiaries of international protection. However, social orientation activities of third country nationals have been sporadic, mostly provided as individual consultations in the framework of Information Centre for Immigrants. Social orientation activities for beneficiaries of international protection have become more comprehensive since 2015. In general, state funded social orientation courses are provided for asylum seekers during their initial reception phase. Additional social orientation for asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection is provided during language courses and with the help of social mentorship.

Report: Mapping social orientation in Latvia (in English)

Report: Mapping social orientation in Latvia (in Latvian)

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