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Mapping social orientation in Germany


In Germany, social orientation courses are held within the scope of integration courses. The courses are the responsibility of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Integration courses consist of a language course representing 600-1,000 teaching units and an orientation course representing 100 teaching units. The orientation course is the seventh and final module of the integration course. It covers essential subjects such as the German legal system, history, culture, and important values in Germany, e.g. freedom of religion, tolerance and equal opportunities. Integration courses can be obligatory or there can be a legal entitlement to attend such courses, according to the persons’ residence status. Furthermore, there are a number of persons who can attend integration courses on a voluntary basis. There are special course offers for specific target groups such as young adults, women or parents.

Report: Mapping social orientation in Germany (in English)

Report: Mapping social orientation in Germany (in German)

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