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Human rights education and gender-based violence prevention – Bulgaria

Throughout 2018, within the project We Play and Learn, Caritas Sofia, supported by UNICEF Bulgaria, has implemented human rights education in the four open-type refugee centres – Ovcha Kupel, Voenna Rampa, Vrazhdebna and Harmanli. The main idea of the initiative was to organise weekly sessions on human rights accompanying the educational and recreational activities already provided by the project. The objective was to respond to the pressing need to educate asylum seekers on their rights and obligations in their host country as well as to raise tolerance levels within the refugee community itself, to bring together people from different nationalities and ethnicities and to improve their awareness on important topics such as discrimination, abuse, gender inequality and stereotypes, etc.

Caritas Sofia organised weekly sessions on human rights education for children, adolescents and adults in order to empower and provide them with essential knowledge on rights and obligations as well as give them practical information and advice – for instance, what to do if they encounter a situation where they are being discriminated against, who to contact, etc.

Photos: Caritas Sofia

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