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Bread Houses Network

The Bulgarian NGO International Council for Cultural Centres, Bread Houses Network (BHN) Programme, has been organising collective bread making and community events aiming at inclusion and engagement of all migrant groups including women and young men, but also children and whole families. It addresses the challenges in the area of inter-cultural dialogue and cultural participation as well as in the participation in local public life. More precisely, the practice helps to overcome the lack of varied and public events in which migrants can meet and interact with local community; the limited access to events with the local community members, caused by lack of information, of protected and safe environment, of transport possibilities, language barriers, etc; the cultural barriers caused by different religious beliefs, different ways of thinking and behaviour.

The mixed bread making workshops, culinary lessons and events for game playing create possibilities for natural and direct communication. All events are being carried out with the help of interpreters who assure the mutual understanding. All steps of the workshops based on the “Theatre of Crumbs” method aim at fostering the communication but also at direct cooperation.

Full description of practice

Photos: Lora Dimitrova

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