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Analysing social orientation in Belgium

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In Flanders, the ability and the capacity of the social orientation system to raise awareness and to effectively equip beneficiaries against acts of racism and xenophobia remains limited. Raising awareness and creating clarity concerning racism and xenophobia might be successful here and there but cannot be called structural. For this to happen on a larger scale, structural inclusion of those topics is necessary in the social orientation course. Currently, the topics are slightly treated but overshadowed by more practical, and sometimes more urgent, topics. Creating more depth in the teacher guidelines is recommended and teachers should constantly be looking for opportunities to draw their teachings from the practical to the more abstract. The same conclusions can be drawn for Wallonia. Teachers have a vast amount of teaching material available but need to be careful to create enough depth in their teachings.

Report: Analysing social orientation in Belgium (in English)

Report: Analysing social orientation in Belgium (in Flemish)

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